How can Chi foot patches help my body?

Eastern medicine has long held that the body is connected by meridians and that access to these meridian internal flows of energy (CHI) is through the acupuncture points on the outside of the body. If we stimulate an acupuncture point it will activate energy (CHI) at the of the body corresponding internal point thus bringing strength to a weak area of the internal body. The foot is considered the second most sensitive area of your body next to your heart. The intelligence of your body will naturally send toxins as far away from the heart as possible for protection. That means toxins and decontaminates are collected in the lower portion of your body, at your feet. The combination of herbs, saps and other natural ingredients in the CHI foot patches first tenderly warm and slightly open the acupuncture points in the soles of the feet, then other herbs provide a natural, gentle drawing power.

Are Chi foot patches safe to use?

They do not deliver any harmful chemicals to the body. They are only topical and draw out of the body. You ingest nothing therefore they are safe. Nevertheless, we recommend that you discontinue use if any allergic reactions occur.

How often do I use Chi foot patches?

It is recommended that CHI foot patches be used for at least one to three weeks so as to completely cleanse. You will know how your cleansing is progressing by the color of discharge on the pad.As the pad diminishes in colorization you will know that the detox is coming to an end.The length of time for this to happen varies with each individual. Some will cleanse relatively quickly, others much longer depending upon life styles, immune system fatigue, and other variables.

Can I use Chi foot patches only one foot?

Yes you may do that but as you study the acupuncture point chart (see acupuncture chart) you will see that the liver point, for example, is located in the same place on both feet. If you were interested in the liver it would most beneficial to apply a foot patches to both feet at the liver point. Also for balance sake it is wise to have both feet involved in the cleansing process.

Do Chi foot patches contain chemicals?

CHI foot patches contain only 100% natural ingredients. The ingredients of CHI foot patches merely stimulate and draw from inside out.

What causes the pads to be sticky when they are wet?

When the pads get sticky, it is the result of the ingredients used in the pads to absorb the moisture.The toxins released are not causing the stickiness.

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