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Natural Detox Foot Patches


GOLD It combines more tourmaline and full pasturage powder and various additional oriental medicines. It is stronger in reducing progress done by negative ion and far infrared ray. It has full SOD function which removes the active oxygen in cells. So, it is especially good for elder people and sport players as it helps them to recover from fatigue. Due to the warming effect of the gold foil, the absorption force is much stronger. The basic effect GOLD of foot patches
  • With the SOD feature removing free radicals within cells, it eliminates the intracellular debris.
  • Obese people have more waste product in their body than average. By attaching Sap sheet, it can improve habitude and prevent obesity.
  • When you apply sap sheet on arms, legs, shoulder, you can expect the sap sheet to remove bodily wastes.
  • It helps to improve blood circulation for those who have cold hands and feet.
  • People who are under pressure such as athlete, student, worker, and housewife can benefit from using sap sheet. It can remove fatigue substance frombody and make your body feel comfortable.
  • People who have weakened immune systems because theytook medication for a long time can use sap sheet to eliminate waste from the body and then feel much lighter.
  • You can see the bodily waste by checking the foot patches after use. Basically, you should apply the sap sheet on your foot whatever your symptom is.